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3 Series you can Stream on the Weekend

3 Series you can Stream on the Weekend

Movie geeks will be in a dilemma once again as the weekend is here. It’s their time to go through hours of searches in IMDB or Letterboxd, and it surely has a certain kick to it. To lessen their effort for a bit, these are my recommendations for a series that you can finish this weekend.

Mare of Easttown

A crime thriller starring Kate Winslet can make your weekend an amazing one.

This is based in a far-out town, the story revolves around Mare, who engages herself in a case of a dead mother.

This show will make you suspect every character on the screen and that will probably intensify the situation more.

This is a journey of Mare and her mental clarity. The show is as much about the mystery of the murder and the murderer as it’s about unraveling the character of Mare.

This series is a slow burn and its color palette is as soothing as it can get. But the main attraction is undoubtedly Kate Winslet and her stunning capability to portray Mare.

You can stream it on HBO

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If you need some Nordic flair in your watchlist, Katla is the way to go. It’s a dark, mysterious thriller with some supernatural and mythological elements and can be a perfect watch for the weekend.

It’s a communal story though Grima and her life is one of the central attractions of the show. 

The story takes us on a supernatural journey that showcases the impact of grief, trauma, and mental dilemma along with sci-fi elements and mythology/folklore.

This is a Netflix original series that will captivate you with its pace, stunning frames, and emotions.

Stream it on Netflix

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The Night Manager

The presence of Tom Hiddleston is always captivating. And this time as The Night Manager, he just spells bounds us one more time.

Jonathan Pine who is Calming, charming, Polite, and James Bond-esque. He is a former soldier, and running the streets, what more action do we even need?

This is a feast for action lovers as Pine would go on his mission in Pakistan. It’s action-packed and charming and has to full capacity to offer you a weekend of entertainment.

Stream it on Prime

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Have a great Weekend ahead of you.