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A person was hurt on the campus of Northeastern University when a package exploded

Officials reported that a package that a member of the Northeastern University staff was unwrapping exploded on Tuesday, injuring him.

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Shannon Nargi is a representative for Northeastern University

According to Shannon Nargi, a representative for Northeastern University, “The staff member sustained minor injuries and is being treated.” Shannon Nargi wrote to CNN in an email. According to Nargi, the box was delivered to Holmes Hall.

During a news conference on Tuesday night, Boston Police Superintendent Felipe Colon said that the employee, a 45-year-old man, had hand injuries.

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The inquiry is ongoing, and investigators haven’t revealed how the box got to the school.

Officials announced at the news conference that they were looking into a possible motive.

According to a number of federal law enforcement authorities, the box also included a disjointed note critical of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the partnership between academic institutions and virtual reality developers. Facebook has been contacted by CNN for comment.

The note was in a tough plastic container

According to the sources, the note was in a tough plastic container that exploded when the victim unlatched the latches and removed the top.

According to the sources, the item was brought to the university’s virtual reality centre, where a staff member opened it.

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Even while the worker who opened the package wasn’t gravely harmed, the explosion nonetheless left him with lacerations on his hands in addition to other wounds, the sources said.

According to Colon, police were called to the site at roughly 7:18 p.m. Within a minute of the initial contact, a Northeastern University police officer arrived, according to Michael Davis, the department’s chief.

“It’s very important to note, our campus is secure,” Davis said.

The building was evacuated while Boston Emergency Services and the bomb squad of the Boston Police Department investigated the area, according to Nargi.

Michelle Wu, the mayor of Boston, praised the response of the police to the incident.

During the news conference, Wu stated, “We want to make sure to underline that this is of the utmost priority, the safety and well-being of all our young people here.”

According to spokeswoman Kristen Setera, the FBI Boston Division collaborated with the Boston Police Department.

According to Jason Cromartie, assistant special agent in charge, FBI Boston provided the Joint Terrorism Task Force with all of its resources, including its evidence response team and special agent bomb technicians, to aid in the investigation.

University police tweeted just before 10 p.m. that the “scene at Homes Hall is currently contained.”

According to Northeastern’s website, Holmes Hall serves as the centre for all “Writing Center activities” at the university. Emergency services were responding to the event, and according to university police, the area was to be avoided.

When further information becomes available, we’ll educate the Northeastern community, according to Nargi.

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