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According to Johnny Depp’s attorney, if Amber Heard hadn’t filed an appeal, the actor would have moved on from the defamation case

Johnny Depp would have “moved on” from the trial

Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez revealed the actor’s decision to appeal the results of his defamation trial. She claimed that if Amber Heard had not insisted on continuing to “litigate this subject,” Johnny would have “moved on” from the trial. As the case progresses, Johnny’s legal team has a strategy to “defend” its “client’s interests.”

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Amber Heard falsely accused Johnny

A 2018 article that Johnny Deep’s ex-wife Amber Heard published for The Washington Post on her experiences as a victim of domestic violence sparked a lawsuit. It falsely accused him of being the abuser. Amber had submitted an appeal last week against the $10.35 million settlement sum that had been given to Johnny in a judgement from their defamation lawsuit on June 1.

Camille- We have to safeguard our client’s interests

Camille, who rose to fame during the prominent trial, recently spoke candidly about the current legal drama surrounding Johnny and Amber with CBS Morning host Gayle King. Is it safe to assume that none of you would have appealed if she (Amber Heard) hadn’t challenged the verdict in the defamation case? Would you have changed course? Yes, it is a really fair remark, Camille said in response, adding, “We have to safeguard our client’s interests.”

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Johnny’s lawyer said that the actor’s legal team will ‘protect’ him as the litigation continues. When Gayle asked Camille ‘how do you heal’ when ‘both sides are still in court arguing’, the lawyer said, “It’s a pretty standard legal procedure. We just hope that the court will uphold the verdict, which we think was the right verdict, and allow both parties to move on.”

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Johnny filed a legal notice to appeal $2 million

Recently, Amber’s lawyers said that the US court, where the defamation case was being heard, ‘made errors that prevented a just and fair verdict consistent with the First Amendment (of the United States constitution)’. The following day, Johnny also filed a legal notice to appeal the $2 million the jury had ordered him to pay Amber in the defamation trial verdict.

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