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Affleck and Jennifer Lopez separated three weeks after getting married

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have chosen to spend less time together

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have chosen to spend less time together. They recently returned from their family-focused vacation and after getting married three weeks ago. They thought that doing this would be good for their relationship in the long run.

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The actors have decided to split up a couple of days after taking a honeymoon in Europe.

They want to retain the spark in their relationship

Despite what you might believe, the decision was made so that the magic between them is not lost, in order to deepen their relationship.

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JLo and Affleck have chosen to put some distance between themselves because their jobs require them to spend time apart. This decision makes them miss each other more.

Maintaining distance is the best course of action for Affleck and JLo

They feel that maintaining some distance between them is the best course of action because they don’t want to sacrifice their professions for one another.

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“They’re always talking, texting, Facetimeing when they’re apart working. And the time apart makes getting back together that much better. JLo, loves the fact that she knows her husband will be there for her no matter what,” said a couple’s insider source.

It further stated, “Being separated so soon after their wedding is not ideal. But they know they have their whole lives ahead of them and are enjoying every minute of the journey.”

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