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After J.Lo’s wedding, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner reunite as they take their son Samuel to the pool

Jennifer Garner is Ben’s ex and Samuel’s mother

After returning from a romantic honeymoon in Paris with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, spent time with his son Samuel,10. Ben and his youngest child was seen holding hands as they leave a local Pacific Palisades pool on July 31. Jennifer Garner, Ben’s ex and Samuel’s mother, was also sighted at the pool with a friend.

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Ben and Jennifer Garner remained silent outside the pool

Ben was dressed in a flannel shirt, a grey T-shirt, and pants despite the rising temperatures in Los Angeles. He gently held Samuel’s belongings as they made their way to the car. Ben and Jennifer Garner remained silent outside the pool as Samuel and Ben walked away. These two know how to co-parent!

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Ben Affleck and J.Lo exchanged vows in Las Vegas

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for Ben. On July 16, Ben and J.Lo exchanged vows in Las Vegas before heading on a blissful honeymoon in Paris. Ben proposed to the Marry Me star with a breathtaking 8.5-carat green diamond three months before to their wedding.

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Ben has developed a bond with J.Lo’s twins

Ben’s middle child, Seraphina, 13, and J.Lo’s children Emme and Max, both 14 years old, accompanied the couple for their honeymoon in Paris. The couple is committed to bringing their families together, and Ben has already developed a “unique bond” with J.Lo’s twins.

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Ben and Jennifer love spending time with their children

Ben and Jennifer both enjoy spending time with their children. Though it may seem strange to bring them along for the honeymoon but it made perfect sense for them. They’re both so busy that they genuinely want their kids to be with them whenever they have free time. Additionally, since they have merged their families, this marriage is about more than just the two of them.

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