Another Sports Movie, the Trailer Of Chang Can Dunk is Out

Disney+ releases the trailer for their upcoming sports movie Chang Can Dunk. And this will be directed under the guidance of  Jingyi Shao, one of the most promising names for the future.

It is a story about one of us, a kid who loves Pokemon and basketball. He is an unpopular kid but made a bet with a star player that he could do a slam dunk in the span of 12 weeks.

The film not only focuses on school life in a retro style but also on family dynamics. It also enlightens the problems other races have to face in a society where they are a minority.

Bloom Li will be leading the cast. There are also names such as Chase Liefeld, Zoe Renee, Ben Wang, Dexter Darden, Eric Anthony Lopez, Nile Bullock, Mardy Ma, and Angel Oquendo.

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Now in this time, when Asian American movies are having a massive surge, this film won’t be a flop financially. This takes us back to the ’90s, as Saho said, ‘Chang’ is one of the first Asian male-led young adult stories out there. It represents the future, but also is a call back to the early ’90s, where maybe we didn’t get a chance to be the protagonist.”

Lena Waithe and Rishi Rajani will be the producers and will work with Brad Weston. 

It will be released on 10th March 2023.

To watch the trailer of Chang Can Dunk, click below

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