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At the US Open, Laverne Cox was mistaken for Beyoncé

Laverne Cox is one of many famous people who visited the 2022 US Open

Laverne Cox, an actor, is one of many famous people who visited the 2022 US Open to witness Serena Williams play one last match. When Cox was misidentified as Beyoncé on social media when she was sporting a mask at the game, it sparked a rush of comments, one of which came from Cox.

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Cox posted a video of herself getting ready

Cox posted a video of herself getting ready for the US Open in August 2022 on Instagram. She was attending the tennis match in New York City to cheer on Serena Williams in her final match before her retirement.

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“Ready to go celebrate the #GOAT Serena Williams at the Us Open tonight,” the Orange Is the New Black star captioned the post. “Go Serena!!!” The video was soundtracked by “Pure/Honey,” the penultimate track on Beyoncé’s album Renaissance, released a month before.

The majority of the actor’s face was hidden by a mask

Cox was spotted in the Arthur Ashe Stadium audience on television by actor and producer Choni Francis. The majority of the actor’s face was hidden by a mask. Francis thought it was Beyoncé in the crowd, but it wasn’t.

“#Beyoncé at the #USOpen,” Francis wrote in a tweet. He soon realized his mistake, tweeting, “My bad… I wasn’t trying to be funny, I promise.” He then corrected himself in another tweet. “I got too excited to see Beyoncé and though it was her,” he said. “My bad… it’s Laverne Cox.”

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Cox herself found the jokes going around on Twitter to be humorous and posted a couple things on her Instagram.

“Not me getting mistaken for Beyoncé at the US Open tonight then trending on Twitter as the internet cackles over the mistaken identity,” she wrote in the caption. “These tweets are funny as hell. Enjoy!!! Go Serena Williams #GOAT.”

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