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Bella Hadid Talks Openly About Having Eating Disorders Before She Got Famous

Before becoming famous as a model, Bella Hadid claims she suffered from eating problems and persistent anxiety as a teen and cried “every day.

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Bella spoke out about her past

The 25-year-old spoke out about her past in an interview with i-D magazine. She revealed that she began smoking heavily at the age of 14 and developed body dysmorphia after becoming successful.

“Growing up, I thought it was normal that I had this chronic anxiety and this disassociation, crying every day and not knowing who I was,” Bella recalled.

“Whether it was eating disorders or smoking a pack of Marlboros since the age of 14, I’m like, ‘Oh, this is what all of the kids are doing’. I realised that maybe that was me trying to figure out why I felt that way. And in reality, all I needed was therapy.”

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Hadid continued by discussing her early struggles as a model with body dysmorphia. The younger sister of model Gigi Hadid continued,  “During that part of my life, I was so out of body, disassociating so much… I was so confused by what people saw of me.”

In the upcoming television series “Ramy,” Bella Hadid will make her acting debut as a first-generation American-Muslim. Who struggles with choosing between his family’s traditional and modern American cultures.

Bella Hadid spoke about celebrating her Palestinian ancestry while filming.

“To go onto a set and see multiple Palestinians, Arabs, and people that are cut from the same cloth as me was really, really beautiful.”

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she stated regarding her conviction that speaking out for Palestinians during the continuing war with Israel had already cost her her job. “A few companies won’t work with me anymore, and a few people may think I’m crazy. But that doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t compare to what Palestinians suffer on a daily basis.”

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