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Ben Affleck takes a nap on his vacations and turns into a meme

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are presently on vacation. A photograph of Ben taking nap is going viral online amid other photos of them during their trip to Paris. “Batman” fans are responding to it on social media.

Ben Affleck is depicted in a photo taken from a yacht, napping on a chair as the sun is shining brightly on him. He is wearing a blue shirt and jeans. Another image shows him dozing off while seated by himself on a yacht deck.

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Reaction of his fans

A follower responded to it by tweeting, “I should be spending every summer weekend on a boat sleeping like Ben Affleck.  “Ben Affleck really endured years of memes and spilled Dunkin’ Donuts to come out the other side passed out on a boat married to Jennifer Lopez. Incredible,”  claimed another. How does a person fall asleep with the sun shining in their face? a curious admirer even questioned. “When you realise you don’t have to worry about being a batman anymore,” the caption of one meme said.

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Ben and Jennifer tied a knot in Las Vegas

Some people think the couple asked the media to take their images when they were on their honeymoon. What’s the big deal about him taking a nap? a Twitter user questioned. Another enraged supporter yelled at the paparazzi, “Can you leave Ben and Jen alone? The following comment was made by another fan: “When you’re Ben Affleck or anyone married to a person who genuinely loves you, you’re not worried to have your picture taken while you’re napping because it won’t be used against you.”

Ben, 49, and Jennifer, 52, got married at A Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, according to Jennifer’s ‘On the JLo’ newsletter published last week. At the wedding were their offspring from their respective ex-partners.

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The Flash, which is set to come out next year, will feature Ben Affleck’s final appearance as Batman. In interviews, the actor has stated that he won’t be reprising his role as the superhero again.

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