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Chris Hemsworth answers a fan’s query on whether his role as Thor resulted in lightning and thunder

Chris Hemsworth, an actor best known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, once again displayed his humorous side online. He gained popularity on Twitter after a fan asked him if he had caused a video of intense lightning that had been captured at an unidentified location. Chris responded to the fan’s question with a hilarious response.

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Chris Hemsworth is best known for playing Thor

The footage showed a number of lightning strikes that occurred at night. The fan merely inquired about Chris persona of Thor, the thunder god, by asking, “Thor?” To this, Chris retweeted the post and said, “That was Zesus.” Responding to his reply, another fan commented, “Nah, that’s Thor.” “Speechless,” added another one with laughing emojis. “I thought you killed Zeus? or is this Post-credit extended?” asked someone else.

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In the most recent instalment of the series, Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth battles Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Zeus to defend the other gods from the God Butcher (Christian Bale).

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Thor asks Zeus, the most powerful God, for assistance, but Zeus rejects and even mocks Thor’s request. To stop them from telling the God butcher, Gorr, where the City of God is, Zeus makes an attempt to kidnap Thor and his group. Zeus gets stabbed by one of Thor’s own thunderbolts. As the group is making their getaway, Valkyrie takes the thunderbolt.

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Thor Love and Thunder was directed by Taika Waititi

Thor Love and Thunder, which was directed by Taika Waititi, was released on July 7 in India and on July 8 internationally. Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman are among the other actors in the movie. As the antagonist, it served as Christian Bale’s MCU debut.

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