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Correction to Kobe Bryant crash trial jury award, Vanessa Bryant to receive $30 million instead of $31 million

According to a juror’s note delivered less than an hour after the higher amount was read aloud in court on Wednesday and widely reported around the world, the previously announced $31 million combined jury award against Los Angeles County for Vanessa Bryant and her co-plaintiff in the helicopter crash-site photos trial should have been $30 million. The judge reached this conclusion on Friday.

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A juror informed the courtroom deputy that there was an error in the verdict form as to Vanessa Bryant. She had been awarded a total of $16 million for past and future damages, including $2.5 million to be paid by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for past suffering, during a hearing in federal court on Friday.

Vanessa Bryant should receive $1.5 million rather than $2.5 million

A transcript of the Friday’s events was sent to City News Service. It stated that the jury member was instructed to write a note outlining the apparent mistake. The juror then wrote a note by hand and submitted it to the court under secret. The juror wrote that Vanessa Bryant should receive $1.5 million rather than $2.5 million from the sheriff’s office.

According to the letter, the nine jurors intended for plaintiffs Chris Chester and Vanessa Bryant to receive equal awards.

To examine the situation, Walter met in private with counsel on Thursday morning and asked for briefs by 2:30 p.m.

Vanessa Bryant states that she is willing to agree to an amended verdict

“In her brief, Plaintiff V. Bryant states that she is willing to agree to an amended verdict and/or judgment that reduces her award against the sheriff’s department by $1 million to avoid any potential need for examination of jurors after they have already been discharged and potentially exposed to outside influences,” the judge said.

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Her total compensation is now $15 million, which is the same amount the jury assessed the county on Chester’s behalf.

Luis Li, Bryant’s lawyer, informed the court that his client  “truly feels that it’s a just result that she was awarded the same amount as Mr. Chester. From her heart she feels that.”

Recalling the dismissed jury, according to the judge, would not have been proper under the circumstances.

“This trial and the verdict has received national publicity,” he said. “The jury in this case not only left the building but had to be escorted out of the building to ensure their privacy. The juror did not notify the Court of the potential error until almost 35 to 40 minutes after the verdicts were read after which major news organizations were already reporting the results of the verdict.”

The judge ordered the attorneys to consult

By the end of the month, the judge ordered the attorneys to consult, prepare, and file separate proposed judgements for Bryant and Chester.

After the hearing’s more than two hours, Bryant lawyer Luis Li claimed that in his thirty years of business, he had never encountered such a “difficult situation” with jurors.

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Los Angeles Government was ordered to pay damages to cover past and future mental suffering brought on by county employees activities in taking and sharing images with their cell phones at the site of the accident in January 2020.

In the collision, both plaintiffs lost their daughters and spouses. The disaster on a lonely Calabasas hillside claimed the lives of well-known individuals. They are Bryant’s husband and daughter Gianna, Chester’s wife Sarah, and their 13-year-old daughter Payton.

Vanessa Bryant posted a picture of herself with Gianna and Kobe

On the eleventh day of the trial, the jury in downtown Los Angeles reached a decision after nearly four and a half hours of deliberation. Following the announcement of the decision, Vanessa Bryant posted a picture of herself with Gianna and Kobe on Instagram. She captioned the image as, “All for you! I adore you. Kobe and Gigi deserve justice!

The widow revealed plans to donate her portion of the judgment’s revenues to a nonprofit dedicated to her late husband and daughter on Thursday.

Athletes that are underrepresented can receive sports instruction from the nonprofit Mamba & Mambacita Sports foundation. Kobe Bryant went by the moniker Black Mamba.

The jury determined that Bryant and Chester’s constitutional rights to privacy for their departed loved ones were violated by the sheriff’s office and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Following the ruling, attorneys “will be considering next actions with our client,” according to a statement from Mira Hashmall, a private attorney who represented the county in the lawsuit.

The Bryant and Chester families, Hashmall added, “meanwhile, we pray they continue to heal from their awful loss.”

The county fire department was not found to have a pattern of exchanging images obtained at accident or crime scenes. The jury found the sheriff’s department responsible for continuing the practise.

The verdict was announced on “Mamba Day”

The verdict was announced on “Mamba Day” in Los Angeles. It honours Kobe Bryant’s life on August 24. Also, 8-24, the two numbers he wore during his 20-year career with the Lakers.

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