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Earthquake in southwest China claims 65 lives and causes landslides

More than 65 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the strong earthquake that caused landslides and rattled buildings in southwestern China, according to official media on Tuesday.

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Buildings in Chengdu were shaken by the earthquake

A day after the 6.8 magnitude earthquake, at least 16 more individuals are still unaccounted for in Luding county, Sichuan province, which is located on the Tibetan Plateau’s edge where tectonic plates collide and frequently experiences earthquakes. Buildings in Chengdu, the province capital, which is already in a COVID-19 lockdown and has a population of 21 million, were shaken by the earthquake.

In the historic town of Moxi in the Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Garze, where 37 people were killed, power was knocked out and buildings were damaged. For the more than 50,000 people being relocated from homes rendered unsafe by the earthquake, tents were set up, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

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Rescue workers were seen removing an apparently unharmed woman from a collapsed home in Moxi. Many of the structures are made of a combination of wood and brick. There were 150 people reported with injuries of different severity.

On the outskirts of Ya’an city, in neighbouring Shimian county, 28 additional people died. Another 12 people went missing, and 248 more people, mostly in Moxi, were reported injured.

Three of the fatalities were employees of the Hailuogou Scenic Area

Three of the fatalities were employees of the glacier and woodland natural reserve known as Hailuogou Scenic Area.

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In addition to the fatalities, police stated that rocks and earth fell from mountainside. It damages homes and cutting off power, according to CCTV. A rural route was blocked by one landslide and was covered in rock strewn debris.

Although Chengdu is 200 kilometres (125 miles) from the epicentre, buildings there trembled.

Due to Sichuan’s dependency on hydropower, a hot wave and drought that preceded the earthquake and shutdown caused water shortages and power outages. This comes after China’s most recent significant lockdown in accordance with its tight “zero-COVID” policy.

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Sichuan in 2008 and killed approximately 90,000 people was the deadliest earthquake to strike China in recent memory. The earthquake outside Chengdu destroyed towns, schools, and rural settlements, sparking a years-long effort to rebuild with stronger materials.

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