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Explore the Cozy Country Cottage of Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller bought a cozy country cottage

You need to visit country residence of Sienna Miller in Buckinghamshire, England, which is located approximately 45 minutes outside of London to know the real meaning of Cozy. The stunning, secluded home, which features six bedrooms and is located on a private estate, is like “the biggest tiny house you’ve ever seen,” Sienna stated in the Open-Door video from Architectural Digest posted on August 1. “Somehow, it keeps going.”

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She wanted an escape from the hustle

The 40-year-old woman claimed that she purchased the house at a period when she needed a reliable haven to hide from the spotlight. I bought this house when I was 25,” Sienna said. I was in London at the time. Life there was very stressful. I was just daydreaming about having a place to escape to when I came across this location online.

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Sienna Miller is so in love with her cottage

The actress claimed that after resolving to simply “rent it for a year,” she went to view it and knew it was the one. I bought it because I was so in love with it, she continued. It serves as my haven and the place where I go to relax.

Cottage Tour

Adding modern elements to an antique house makes a huge difference

Sienna discovered a way to incorporate her distinctive and modern taste, including having a “naked witchy ladies dancing” wallpaper serve as the backdrop of her bedroom. The 16th-century thatched roof cottage still having many of its original features, such as hardwood beams and older fireplaces. She declared, “I believe having such an antique house is such a magical thing. But adding modern elements makes a huge difference.

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Sienna has a lovely meadow with a playhouse and a tiny pond, as well as a guest house, which she said she sends friends who are “madly in love” to stay in because it serves as the “most romantic bedroom” she has on the property.

Her property size is one and a half acres

“This property that belongs to me is about one and a half acres,” Sienna shared. “And it’s the only free-hog cottage on the estate, but there’s a gamekeeper up the road and there’s somebody else who works on the estate. So, it feels very, very isolated but it’s nice to know there are people nearby.”

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