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Ezra Miller featuring The Flash may be cancelled due to the actor’s ongoing legal issues

The legal issues involving Ezra Miller don’t appear to end

The legal issues involving Ezra Miller don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. The actor has been involved in controversies one after another for a while now. The most recent claim is that in June, they kept a mother and her three kids “at a cannabis farm with loose guns.” Now, sources claim that Warner Bros Discovery, the company behind the superhero movie The Flash, is thinking about cancelling the project entirely because of the bad press that Ezra has caused.

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Ezra has been involved in a lot of controversy

In recent months, Ezra has been involved in a lot of controversy. They were detained for assault in Hawaii a few months ago, and a restraining order was eventually filed against them. Further information indicates that the actor engaged in cult-like behaviour while visiting Iceland in 2020. There is a burglary charge in Vermont. The actor reportedly travelled around the US while armed and wearing a bulletproof vest, “thinking that the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan were pursuing them.”

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Ezra Miller plays the lead role in The Flash

In the DCEU movie The Flash, which will hit theatres next year, Ezra plays the lead role. Warner Bros. had been staunchly in support of the movie. This movie also features the comebacks of Michael Keaton as Batman. Also, Michael Shannon as General Zod, until a few weeks ago. But now, circumstances have shifted. According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is putting three separate proposals together. In the first, Ezra first seeks counselling before giving “an interview at some time explaining their irregular behaviour over the preceding few years.”

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According to the report, the studio won’t include them in the movie’s promotion if Ezra declines professional assistance, which is the second option. The third choice is to completely scrap the movie to stop any further negative press. Notably, WB just cancelled the Batgirl movie, despite the fact that it was 90% finished and was supposed to be released this year via streaming. Insiders claim that this demonstrates the studio’s willingness to shelve projects in order to save losses.

The Flash is a part of DC universe

Ezra previously portrayed The Flash in Justice League (2017) and its director’s edit, which is a part of the DC Extended Universe, as well as in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021). As of right now, the June 23 release date for the Andy Muschietti-directed film is set. 

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