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Farzi; Is It The Globe Shattering Show From India World Needed?


As RRR is doing bonkers on the global scene, the world is looking towards Indian content once again. And amid this massive popularity, though the streaming giant Netflix maintains its quality when it comes to documentaries, it fails to provide a good Indian series. 

But in this very criteria, Prime Video comes out as the brightest of all stars. And this time, they come out with ‘Farzi’.

Farzi is a story of a man who is let down by the circumstances. And What does a man do when they are tormented by society and everyone in it? Exactly, they choose to commit crimes. 

Shahid Kapoor did a splendid job in this and almost stole the spotlight. But when Vijay Sethupathi is in your cast and present on the screen, he is in the spotlight. What a pinch of humor, and acting Masterclass, he just nails the role. Also, we have to appreciate the work of Amol Palekar. We have seen him after a long time and it was indeed worth the wait. Bhuvan Arora also breaks out as one of the most entertaining parts of the series. 

Now can there be a combination better than bread and butter? Indeed, there is a partnership between Prime Video and Raj & DK. This partnership guarantees something that will blow your mind. And people are hyped about Family Man, probably more than ever, they release Farzi. It not only exceeded expectations, but it also collected innumerable praises on the way.

Now as Raj & DK are solidifying their two main pillars (The Family Man and Farzi), fans are expecting a crossover. And in Family Man 3, if the crossover takes place, that will be one of the most remarkable crossovers in OTT history.

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