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In Thirteen Lives, Ron Howard made sure that Hollywood stars didn’t dominate local actors

Thirteen lives directed by Ron Howard has received a lot of positive reviews

Thirteen Lives, a survival drama from director Ron Howard, has received a lot of positive reviews. The movie, which is inspired on a real incident from 2018, tells the tale of Thai officials and cave divers who must work quickly to save 12 children and their football coach who are trapped in a flooded tunnel. The renowned director talked to HT before the movie’s release about the film’s production process and his decision to make a movie in a language he doesn’t know.

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Thirteen Lives is based on a true story

The true story of the Tham Luang Cave rescue, portrayed in the movie Thirteen Lives, shows how international cave divers helped free the children and their coach after 18 days trapped inside the flooded cave during the feared Thai monsoon season. Ron claims that he always tried to be as accurate as possible when narrating the tale, which is why he felt it was crucial to accurately portray the Thai perspective.

“You can imagine it was a very challenging story, a story that people knew a lot about and yet there was so much else to reveal. One of the things that the rest of the world doesn’t know very much about is what was really going on from the Thai side of things. There was so much reported about the divers and of course, we want to focus on that for all its dramatic value. But, on an emotional level, I felt the more comprehensive and surprising elements could be discovered more in the Thai people,” he explains.

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Ron Howard faced many difficulties while filming the movie

The majority of the sequences starring the Thai cast are spoken in their native tongue. Ron neither knows nor speaks those languages. I don’t speak Thai,” Ron explains when asked about the difficulties of directing a movie where he can’t comprehend half the language. Additionally, I find the geographical variations to be confusing. As it turns out, the dialects in the north and south are highly distinct. I started to realise how crucial it was to cast the main characters from the north. I then appointed them to check if the script’s language was appropriate. Therefore, I had to rely on my Thai collaborators for the authenticity.

Who plays the divers in the film?

Some well-known Hollywood actors, including Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, Joel Edgerton, and Tom Bateman, play the divers in the movie. But Ron claimed that none of them received special treatment while filming. Even though they are movie stars, he says, “I told all the performers that this is an ensemble film. I felt more duty-bound to acknowledge the numerous contributions from the Thai side. I entered the situation knowing to attempt to avoid those platitudes.”

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Ron won The Academy Award for Apollo 13

This is not the first true-story-based survival thriller that Ron has directed. The 1970 moon mission that was abandoned and left American astronauts stranded in orbit was the subject of his 1995 film Apollo 13. The Academy Award winner claims that the experiences he experienced while filming Apollo 13 inspired him to make Thirteen Lives. “I had a very favourable experience with some of the experiments from Apollo 13. It was one of the reasons I was eager to tackle all of the difficulties in filming this movie. It did boost my confidence, and I knew instinctively how to do so. Then, I started to approach the facts more like a journalist”, he claims.

The August 5 release of Thirteen Lives on Prime Video was met with extremely favourable reviews, with many citing it as one of the best movies of the year and an Oscar contender for the next year.

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