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Interesting facts about Jeff Bezos.

We are all familiar with Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder and CEO. His wealth is more than $150 Billion and ranked among the Top 3 in the list of the richest person in the world. But did you know some Interesting facts about Jeff Bezos? Read the full article to know more:

1. Every second, Jeff Bezos earns $3,715.

Yes, you heard correctly. According to a source, Jeff makes over $8.99 billion every month, or $321 million per day, while taking into account his increasing net worth over the years. Additionally, it exceeds the Amazon employee median salary.

2. Survived a helicopter crash.

After the wind drove the helicopter off course, Jeff was engaged in a serious helicopter accident in West Texas. While Jeff’s attorney had shattered vertebra from this crash, Jeff only received minor injuries.

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3. Jeff was always curious, tinkerer, entrepreneurial child.

Bezos has always been an entrepreneur, ever when he was little. He ran his own experiments while converting his parents’ garage into an engineering workshop. In his adolescent years, he established his first business.

4. Jeff Bezos spend a remarkable contribution in COVID19 crisis.

Jeff helped and contributed much by giving $100 million to feed America. He made a donation to a nonprofit organization that manages food banks around the nation.

5. Jeff owns the most expensive property in LA.

Being one of the wealthiest people on earth and owning pricey properties is not all that unexpected. For a record $165 million, Jeff purchased the Warner mansion in Beverly Hills. The property is a mansion of 13,600 square feet.

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