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JD Payne on comparing Game of Thrones and The Rings of Power

Fans of The Lord of the Rings are speculating intensely, poring over every element of the series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, to unravel the fantasy world of the planned spinoff, and wondering if the series would follow the Game of Thrones path. The fantasy genre, according to the show’s co-creator JD Payne, is the only thing that ties the two programmes together.

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JD Payne is the co-creator of the show

While taking a break from his busy Asia-Pacific premiere visit in Mumbai, Payne said, “They (the shows) explore very different themes. What’s so amazing about fantasy is that we can explore all kinds of different aspects of the human condition. And Middle Earth explores some timeless themes of underdogs who are performing great feats, the importance of friendship, good and evil, and the corrupting influence of power. We wish them well in their explorations as well”.

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It is infused with an optimistic idea

The prequel series begins a new chapter from the beloved world of JRR Tolkien’s original The Lord of the Rings novels and director Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning trilogy of films based on the literary work. It is infused with an optimistic idea of finding hope in the dark hours of reality.

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JD Payne speaks candidly about charting the world

Payne speaks candidly about charting the world and the pressure that comes with it,  “Tolkien left a lot of room for exploration, and we needed to make sure that we were finding what was there, but filling the holes in Tolkien way. We ended up consulting a lot of experts and the Tolkien family to make sure that when we were inventing, we were doing it in a way that was respectful”.

A casting call for an intimacy coordinator, however, caused controversy for the production team and raised concerns about whether or not the programme will deviate from its original setting by include sex and nudity sequences.

If you are old enough to read the books, you are old enough to watch the television, Payne’s response to this supposition is.

“We can put people’s minds to rest there. I have a seven-year-old son, there are things that would be too scary for him probably because we do have some blood and violence, and it is a scary adventure. But there’s nothing that I would think would be expletive or that a mother would be ashamed to watch with her son next to her,” says creator, who took a break from his hectic schedule to visit Mumbai and fell in love with the country’s culture.

Even though he anticipates a range of responses to the programme, he believes that its message of virtue triumphing over evil will find an audience.

Payne ends by promising to visit India again soon

“It comes with hope that acknowledges the real pain of human suffering. What it is to have to lose people either to death or to evil. But with this genuine darkness, there’s that one ray of sunlight that says, if you keep walking, if you stay true to your friends, then you can do things larger than the armies of evil, which can have a real different impact in this world. I think that’s a message people need to hear,” Payne ends by promising to visit India again soon with his wife and take in the local culture as a visitor.

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