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Kevin Hart allegedly pushed Mark Wahlberg into a steamy nude scene

Marky Mark was pushed by Kevin Hart

Marky Mark was duped by Kevin Hart into performing his first-ever nude scene. In an appearance on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Thursday, Mark Wahlberg, 51, revealed that he had already committed to playing the lead role in Kevin Hart’s Netflix buddy comedy “Me Time” when the 43-year-old decided to reveal his bare behind.

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“He [Hart] came to me with [the movie] and John Hamberg and I said, ‘Absolutely,’” Wahlberg recalled. “But then, of course, they rewrote the part a little bit because, before my entrance, I had clothes on. Now I’m naked.”

“They had me out there in Long Beach for 12 hours, a– -out,” Wahlberg said. “I just got a pair of Travis Scott Jordans on. Got me a– naked, then he put me in Daisy Dukes.”

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“I mean, he did me dirty,” added Hollywood fave Wahlberg.

Film debuted on Friday on Netflix

In the film, which debuted on Friday on Netflix, Wahlberg plays Hart’s old friend. The two reconnect and get into some mayhem while the family of Hart’s character takes a vacation.

“But the scenes are so funny, so I’m like, you know what? I got to do the same thing. I got to be fearless as an actor and just go for it and try it,” Wahlberg told Big Boy.

Mark Wahlberg was so cool with the naked scenes

Finally, Wahlberg was so cool with the naked scenes that he even made his wife and kid watch it alone.

“The first time I first come out a— naked, my daughter — her face was purple but laughing hysterically,” Wahlberg recalled. “I mean, she was a little embarrassed but she couldn’t stop, man.”

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He also stated earlier this month that his children are “terribly humiliated” by his 1990s and “Good Vibrations” era attire.

“My son didn’t have a shirt on the entire while we were on summer vacation, and his underpants was hanging out. In an interview, he laughed, “He totally stole the whole look.

His rock-solid body, however, has remained the same ever since. The well-known fitness addict is rumoured to get out of bed around two in the morning so he can hit the gym by three.

Listed among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood by Forbes in 2017, Wahlberg earned an astounding $68 million in 2017 because to films like “Ted,” “Planet of the Apes,” and “The Perfect Storm.”

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