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Mexico detains the top military commander in the Ayotzinapa case

One of the most recent arrests in the case of the 43 students who vanished from the Ayotzinapa Teachers’ College in 2014 includes a general of the Mexican army.

General José Rodrguez Pérez was taken into custody on Thursday, according to Public Security Undersecretary Ricardo Meja Berdeja, who made the announcement at the weekly “Zero Impunity” part of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s regular morning press conference. Less than two weeks before the tragedy’s eighth anniversary, the arrest was made public.

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Meja reported that authorities detained two additional military personnel. There is still one more official warrant that needs to be carried out.

The highest level military officer detained in the case is Rodrguez. He was a colonel at the time of the massacre. Just a few weeks had passed since the August arrest of former attorney general Jess Murillo Karam.

López Obrador’s agenda has been centred on determining the truth about what transpired in Iguala, Guerrero, on September 26, 2014, and obtaining justice for the families of the victims.

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The high-profile arrests are the outcome of investigations by the Ayotzinapa Case Commission

The high-profile arrests are the outcome of investigations by the Ayotzinapa Case Commission for the Truth and Access to Justice. It’s establishment was the president’s first official act as president.

Security analyst David Saucedo believes that the arrest of Rodriguez is a “major advance” in the investigation.

“For decades there was an agreement in the country that the military was untouchable,” Saucedo said in a phone interview. “Military officials have been involved in bloody acts, massacres, extrajudicial killings and even corruption. But we’ve never seen them take measures to arrest such a high-ranking official.”

General Rodrguez was named as one of those culpable in the case by Alejandro Encinas, the president of the Ayotzinapa Commission and undersecretary for human rights, in August.

According to Encinas, who cited emergency phone call records, “six of the students were held alive for four days after the incidents [of September 26 and 27, 2014]. They were slain and disappeared on the colonel’s orders.”

Following the dismissal of charges against a key participant in the massacre, Rodriguez was arrested

José Luis Abarca, a former mayor of Iguala, and 19 other people were cleared of abduction accusations by a federal judge in Tamaulipas on Wednesday.

Meja, an undersecretary for public security, condemned the exonerations on Thursday.

“This will be challenged by the federal attorney general so that José Luis Abarca and these 19 collaborators will not leave prison,” said Mejía.

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At the height of López Obrador’s divisive expansion of the nation’s military power, Meja revealed Rodrguez’s arrest the day before Mexico’s yearly Independence Day military parade.

The security expert Saucedo took note of the timing. He credited López Obrador’s campaign for Rodrguez’s arrest, saying it will “absolutely” advance the president’s cause.

The president’s contentious plan to hand over authority of the civil force, the National Guard, to the Secretariat of National Defense, was approved by the Senate last week.

The military’s engagement in matters of public safety will now continue until 2028. Thanks to a law that the Mexican Chamber of Deputies adopted on Wednesday.

“The president is doing the right thing, even if it’s for the wrong reasons,” said Saucedo. “This arrest should have come at the beginning of his term. We had to wait three years and go through an intense debate over the militarization of the country to finally see results. The colonel’s arrest serves to somewhat dilute the criticism against the president.”

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