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Mia Khalifa Goes Br*less By Posting Numerous Captivating Images

Mia Khalifa is one of the most popular social media influencers

One of the most popular social media influencers right now on the platform is Mia Khalifa. The model was formerly well-known for working in the adult entertainment industry, but since leaving the business, Mia has managed to keep her fans interested by regularly posting updates about her life on social media.

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The influencer/model recently shocked the social media network with her tweet. See how the audience responded.

Mia Khalifa is a former employee of the adult entertainment industry

It so happens that Mia Khalifa, a former employee of the adult entertainment industry, recently posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account that had all of her admirers panting for breath. Mia, who has an impressive 27.7 million Instagram followers, recently shared a series of striking photos with the remark,  “Oh, hi.” What was so eye-catching about the post was that the model had gone br*less revealing her cl*avage.

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Fans on social media went crazy

After seeing Mia Khalifa’s post, fans on social media went crazy. They shared their opinions about it in the post’s comments area. “Spicyyyy,” one user wrote. “Her figure is her beauty,” a another commenter commented. A fan remarked, “A queen,” as one user exclaimed, “Hi mommy!”

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After a group of hackers compromised the Facebook page of Egypt’s Education Directorate, Mia’s name was in the news. The hacks were used as a demand for Egypt to appoint Mia as an education advisor, it was reported. The model’s photo was posted to the Facebook page of the Beheira Province Education Directorate in Egypt by the hacker, who also left a message reading, ‘We demand Minister of Education Dr. Reda Hegazy appoint Dr. Mia Khalifa as an advisor for educational development.’

What do you think of Mia Khalifa’s br*less photos? Please share your thoughts in the comments area. 

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