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Monty Lopez releases a song to criticize Sheri Easterling’s new boyfriend, Yung Gravy

Monty Lopez doesn’t give in easily. Addison Rae’s dad Monty is at it again after challenging rapper Yung Gravy to a wrestling match. This comes after Monty posted a diss track against the rapper on social media after Gravy brought Sheri Easterling, Jennifer Lopez’s estranged wife, as his date to the MTV VMAs and was seen having an intimate moment with her on the red carpet.

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Lopez and Sheri became Internet trends

Lopez and Sheri became Internet trends when the TikTok stars made their relationship issues public. Sheri began teasing Yung Gravy through TikTok clips after announcing her status as a “single mom.” As soon as they appeared together on the red carpet for the first time at the VMAs, the couple made their relationship public, shocking everyone with their adorable chemistry. As a result of his ex-attendance wife’s alongside them on the red carpet, Monty took to Instagram to express his displeasure with their public display of affection and referred to her as “leftovers.”

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Monty Lopez posted a diss track for the

Lopez posted a diss track for the rapper despite saying he was “unbothered” by Sheri’s new relationship. Although he first just shared a brief portion of the song, the TikTok star’s father eventually shared the entire song on YouTube. The song received a tonne of criticism online as was to be expected, and internet users have once more stepped forward to prevent Monty from further humiliating himself. Lopez received backlash for his song, Leftovers, which showed disdain for his divorced wife.

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In the song’s minute-and-a-half-long version that Lopez released, he refers to himself as Michael Jordan. He specifically mentioned Gravy in the song and said, “You are not Scottie Pippen.”

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