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Owen Wilson claims he received criticism many times for disclosing Loki spoilers

Owen Wilson made his brilliant acting debut

Owen Wilson is turning into a Marvel superhero. Wilson made his brilliant acting debut as Mobius M. Mobius alongside Tom Hiddleston in the well-liked television series Loki last year. The actor recently admitted that he had had enough of being reprimanded by Marvel Studios executives who advised him against giving away any crucial plot points.

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Wilson was unable to give many specifics during the interview because he was returning to the Loki set for a second season. He could only utter, “Yeah, we’re doing that. Yeah, Tom [Hiddleston] is great.” As he also added, “Doing Loki, and we’re filming that now in London.” While talking about his character, Wilson was about to discuss if Mobius would ever get to ride his beloved jetski. The actor caught himself slipping as he replied. “Well, I do think that… you know, we’ll see what happens with this one.” He later admitted, “I immediately get kind of self-conscious because they’re so kind of uptight.”

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He simply replied, “Yes,” adding, “Yeah, several times,” when asked if he had ever received a warning from Marvel. Although the actor claims to have received criticism in the past, fans tend to identify other Marvel superheroes like Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland with the spoiler train. Because of their reputation for having loose lips, the pair have been paired with particular co-stars throughout press tours to keep them under control. A unhappy Don Cheadle (War Machine) was sitting next to Ruffalo when he unintentionally gave away the startling Avengers: Infinity War ending on national television.

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