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Serena Williams sports sparkling hair from the 1990s that sparkles whenever she moves

Serena Williams recently made a retirement announcement

No matter if you’re an avid tennis fan or only watch Wimbledon once a year, Serena Williams recent retirement announcement, or as she puts it, “evolution,” hit a nerve with many. She is, after all, the GOAT.

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Serena Williams is playing in her final few games

She is playing in her final few games in The 2022 US Open competition, though, before essentially throwing in the towel. She has gone above and beyond in the beauty and fashion categories to make this as unique and unforgettable as possible. Who knew that tennis could be so glitzy?

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Serena wore a custom outfit

Serena wore a custom outfit yesterday when she took the court to play (and defeat) Danka Kovini. She even revealed the details of the outfit in a recent Instagram post. The star claims: My custom NikeCourt Flare 2s are just brilliant With diamond-encrusted swooshes and @serenawilliamsjewelry deubrés on the laces that read “mama” and “queen”. Paired with an embellished bodice and tutu skirt inspired by the night sky above center court in Flushing, NY”.

Much though we adore the “fit,” we think her amazing gemstone-encrusted hair is even more stunning. Serena’s hairstylist Nikki Nelms deserves all the praise for pulling the professional’s natural curls into a straightforward, elegant ponytail. Nikki completed the look by incorporating tiny diamonds into her hair to maintain the glam vibe without drawing attention to herself.

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It may surprise you to learn that this 90s-inspired style was formerly popular on TikTok. So why not get your hands on the reliable tool that was *probably* used if you want to emulate Serena?

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