And as BAFTA is over, Where to stream the Winners?

What a night it was for the cinema lovers. From an appreciation of the deserving to the fall of underdogs, it was a story of win and loss—the rise of the mighty and the fall of the giants. And as we are done with the extravaganza, let’s have a short overview of the BAFTA. It … Read more

RRR Continues its Victory Lap, Secures Nomination for Golden Globe and BAFTA

RRR Continues its Victory Lap

We can’t claim that the golden days of Indian Cinemas are back, But RRR secures a comfortable place in the nominations for BAFTA and Golden Globe. RRR is a project by SS Rajamouli and he was practically stunned by the success. Now making great movies isn’t a foreign concept to him as he has films … Read more