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The Top English OTT Shows of 2022 You Must Binge-Watch

The year 2022 has been fairly wonderful when it comes to OTT series that are absolutely binge-watchable on several OTT platforms.

There is a wide variety of  shows to choose from, whether you enjoy comedies, dramas, mystery/thrillers, or superheroes. Here is a list of the top English OTT shows that have been released so far.

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Top English OTT shows

5. Euphoria Season 2

The second season of Euphoria, starring Zendaya, continues to depict the numerous struggles of a group of high school kids with drugs, love, social media, and money.

Social media platforms have seen a lot of activity related to the show. Don’t forget to watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.

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4. Peacemaker

Cena’s portrayal of The Peacemaker was originally seen in the Suicide Squad sequel. He was so excellent in it that he was given his own TV series.

3. The Umbrella Academy Season 3

In The Umbrella Academy, a millionaire industrialist adopts seven children with superpowers and turns them into a superhero team.

The most recent season now continues from where season 2 left off. Look it up on Netflix.

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2. The Boys season 3

The Boys Season 3 is one of the most eagerly anticipated shows of 2022 . It didn’t let fans down at all. It also added Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles to the cast.

The programme has been given a second season.  It will feature more wild superhero actions. It is accessible via Prime Video.

1. Stranger Things 4

The fourth season of Stranger Things once again astounded viewers. It was released on Netflix.

With the plot of the show practically taking off, the new season saw Eleven and the gang return to battle the unknown creatures from the Upside Down.

These were some of the top english OTT shows. Do let us know, which one is your favourite?

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