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Home » The Trend Goes on as Netflix Cancels Uncoupled After Just One Season

The Trend Goes on as Netflix Cancels Uncoupled After Just One Season

The Trend Goes on as Netflix Cancels Uncoupled After Just One Season

Netflix doesn’t fail to disappoint fans again as they cancel Uncoupled starring Neil Patrick Harris. Now, this was not 1899, Netflix didn’t face mass criticism but it made a group extremely upset.

Now as a company, it’s very normal to look for profits but constantly failing the fans is something very Netflix is excelling at. And in the Southeast Asian region, it’s one of the main reasons for their downfall. If we talk about just the Indian context, shows like The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives and Indian Matchmaking are getting renewed and they are literally unable to produce any memorable originals, unlike Prime and Hotstar.

Now by canceling Uncoupled, Netflix added some more credibility by letting the fans down. 

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Uncoupled is a light-hearted, breezy series about a newly-single gay man in his late 40s, freshly out of a long-term relationship. Created by Sex and the City’s Darren Star and veteran Jeffrey Richman, the series presents a refreshing take on modern-day dating, acceptance, love, and life. Uncoupled, as a romantic comedy, lacks some depth but by no means is disappointing.

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Neil, as we all can expect, steals the spotlight in Uncoupled. The main problem with this show is somewhat of a monotonous storyline and lack of character development in some places. 

Neil Patrick Harris and his charm.

Neil Patrick Harris was a inseparable part behind the success of How I Met Your Mother and the fans wanted that old charm back. Though episode four and five were a bit sloppy, the finale ended in a cliffhanger. That made fans excited about the second session but that plan is totally scrapped now.

Other Shows Canceled by Netflix 

Blockbuster has been canceled by Netflix on 16th December 2022

Warrior Num was canceled on 13th December 2022

These shows also created some buzz but the biggest name in recent times was 1899. Fans are not only disappointed but are slowly getting used to this habit of Netflix.

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