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Three lessons from the TNF premiere on Amazon Prime

The Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers played in the inaugural Thursday Night Football game of the 2022 season on September 15. Like in previous years, the game was not shown on national television. Instead, it was broadcast via Amazon Prime Video thanks to a deal the firm struck with the NFL.

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Every time a sports game debuts on a new streaming service, as it has in the past, the performance is assessed. moving from the auditory to the visual side of things.

Based on Twitter users comments, here are three things we discovered about Thursday Night Football’s premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Bad acoustics

The stadium’s acoustics were one issue that was raised as a potential problem. There have been accusations that the broadcast does not accurately convey the sound of the stadium, as Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports points out.

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They are able to fine-tune things over time, just like with any broadcast. Given that it is their first live regular-season game on Thursday night, it is an educational experience.

2. No more changing channels easily

The inability to switch stations to watch another game or another programme is the main gripe among Thursday Night Football viewers. Given that games are broadcast on a specific streaming service or application, it was a given.

Fans are now finding that they must watch the advertisements or wait a long time to switch from one streaming service to another or from a streaming service to a cable provider.

1. Great picture quality

The picture quality has received favourable reviews despite some complaints about the Thursday Night Football show on Amazon. The visual quality is excellent when the feed is operating at 100%.

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Naturally, there will occasionally be a lapse in quality, just like with any streaming service. However, the image does appear better than it does on television network cameras.

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