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Two Horror Movies You Can Stream This Weekend On Netflix

As the weekend is here, You are searching for something to watch. These are some movies that you can stream on Netflix.

Now you had a really long week. It would be best if you had some change, I guess. And if you are a lover of horror movies, here are two movies that will make your weekend a bit better. So finish the article, grab your popcorn, open your Netflix and you will be ready.


Now if we talk about classic horrors, home invasion is an idea that has been used quite often. A masked individual, haunting, or somewhere terrorizing a woman is not a brand-new concept.

But when you add the protagonist who is hearing impaired, that brings some change. As a viewer, we can observe everything that is going on on the screen, but Maddie, the protagonist, has no idea about the break-in. This makes the movie even scary.

The BGM doesn’t disappoint, the color palate is extremely soothing for the eyes. This is a fresh concept overall, a movie worth watching.

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Crimson Peak

And if you are a fan of gothic stuff, this is just the movie for you. It has just the right mixture of romance and horror in it.

If you are a movie nerd, just like me, you can’t resist praising the shots. They are no less than beautiful paintings. It’s no masterpiece by Del Toro but it takes us to a world of gothic romance. 

Crimson Peak is set in the Victorian Era and revolves around a woman named Edith Cushing. She is an author and has an interest in supernatural events. And after certain circumstances, she is haunted by ghosts. I hope you don’t need more motivation to watch the film.

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