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Unknown Facts about Rishi Sunak

Unknown Facts about Rishi Sunak

Since we all know who Rishi Sunak is, allow us to share with you some of Unknown Facts about Rishi Sunak.

  • Rishi Sunak is the son-in-law of Narayan Murthy, Information technology industry titan Infosys Ltd. co-founder and billionaire Indian.
  • Punjab is the origin of Rishi Sunak. His mother was a chemist, while his father was a doctor. To East Africa, his grandparents had emigrated.
  • Before attending Oxford University to study politics, philosophy, and economics, Sunak attended the famous Winchester College. Additionally, he holds an MBA from Stanford University in the US.
  • After creating a big package worth tens of billions of pounds to aid businesses and employees, Sunak enjoyed tremendous popularity during the pandemic.
  • On February 13, 2020, Rishi Sunak was chosen Chancellor of the Exchequer, six months after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson designated him chief secretary to the Treasury.

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