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What Ojani Noa, J.Lo’s first husband, has to say about her marriage with Ben Affleck?

Ojani Noa expresses his belief that their marriage won’t last

After becoming engaged in April, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wed in Las Vegas last month. These two reunited almost a year ago. Since than the two Hollywood stars have been inseparable. While delivering a startling revelation about his ex-wife, the singer’s first husband Ojani Noa expresses his belief that their marriage won’t last.

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Noa wishes Jen and Ben the best

Ojani Noa said, “I wish her and Ben the best, but I’m not convinced it will last. Jen loves being in love but she’s been engaged six times and Ben is husband number four. I was husband number one and she told me I was the love of her life – when we lay in bed on our wedding night, she said we would be together for ever.”

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Ojani Noa and Jen got married in 1997

Ojani and Jennifer got married in February 1997 after a brief courtship. Their marriage failed by the following year. Despite being divorced in 1998, the two stayed close for a very long time. Jennifer began publicly dating P Diddy shortly after their divorce was finalised. She later wed Cris Judd in 2001 and Latin music icon Marc Anthony three years later.

Jen and Ben were among the well-known celebrity couple

Jen and Ben were among the most well-known celebrity couples in the early 2000s. They collaborated on two movies. Despite having been together for a long time, the pair never had a legal wedding.

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2018 saw the Jen’s and Ben’s divorce

Jen married Marc Anthony in 2004 and then divorced him in 2014. In 2005, Ben wed Jennifer Garner, an actress. 2018 saw the two’s divorce. Despite what her prior husband said, Jennifer is certain that Ben is the one and claims she has never been happier. Ben is the singer’s actual love, according to her mother Guadalupe RodrAguez.

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