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Merton the Turtle 2022 Owners, Voice Actors, Powers, Actress and More

The Terrific Whatzit, sometimes known as Merton McSnurtle, is a crafted superhero turtle that appears in DC Comics.

Merton the Turtle Voice, Actress and Owner.

Natasha Lyonne will provide the voice for the character in the animated movie “DC League of Super Pets.” The portrayal of the character will be female. It’s produced by DC Comics so we can say that DC Comics is owner of Merton the Turtle.

Merton is the first talking animal superhero from DC

The first talking animal superhero from DC is Merton. Martin Naydel’s The Terrific Whatzit first appeared in “Funny Stuff #1” in 1944. The owner of a turtle store named McSnurtle resides in Zooville. His honesty and slackness are well known.

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Merton the Turtle Powers

Merton’s superpowers came from two strong beings, the benevolent Prince Highness and the malevolent Prince Lowness. They were curious to know how someone who was fully honest would manage having superpowers. McSnurtle loses his shell throughout the fight and dons a look that is nearly comparable to the Golden Age Flash. A “TW” in a circle is used in place of the lightning bolt logo.

McSnurtle has super-speed powers akin to those of the Flash from the Golden Age. He is strong enough to bend the main gun barrel of a tank thanks to his incredible strength. McSnurtle is also capable of flying.

In June 2009’s “DC Super Friends #14,” a regular turtle dressed as Terrific Whatzit appeared as Flash’s adopted pet. In the DC Super-Pets children’s book “Salamander Smackdown,” a revamped Terrific Whatzit made an appearance as the modern Flash’s superpowered pet.

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Theatrical debut of “DC League of Super Pets”

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McSnurtle is a member of the Zoo Crew, an Earth-C version of the Justice League with an animal theme. The theatrical debut of “DC League of Super Pets” will occur on July 29, 2022, in the United States, and on August 5, 2022, in India.

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