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WHO tracks Pneumonia cases in Argentina

The World Health Organization (WHO) is keeping an eye on a group of 10 pneumonia cases with an unidentified cause. These cases are part of an outbreak in Argentina that has already claimed three lives.

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the WHO’s regional office in the region, the cases are connected to a single private clinic in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, which is situated in the northwest of the nation.

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WHO is keeping an eye on Pneumonia cases

Five medical personnel and a patient who received care in the clinic’s intensive care unit between the dates of August 18 and 22 were included in the initial report on Tuesday.

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Local health officials announced three more cases on Thursday, increasing the total to nine cases, including three fatalities. All three of the victims had additional medical issues.

Argentina announced a new incident on Friday

Shortness of breath, muscular and stomach pain, and fever have all been symptoms. Pneumonia in both lungs affected a number of patients.

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Known respiratory viruses and other viral, bacterial, and fungal agents were not detected in any of the tests, according to PAHO. The National Administration of Laboratories and Health Institutes of Argentina has received biological samples for further examination, which will include a check for the presence of toxins.

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Given that the lungs are severely affected, the infection is probably the result of something the patients inhaled, according to Dr. Michael Osterholm. He is an infectious disease specialist at the University of Minnesota.

Tests have disproved his initial suspicion that he had Legionnaires disease. It is brought on by breathing in water droplets containing the Legionella bacterium.

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The WHO and PAHO are keeping an eye on the outbreak and supporting local health officials investigations.

According to Osterholm, “mystery illnesses” do occasionally occur but are typically explained by a local outbreak without pandemic implications.

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In the coming five to seven days, according to Osterholm, Argentine health officials should provide more concrete information.

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