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1899 Gets Canceled, Netflix Faces Backlash From Viewers

The race of rampage is still going on from the house of Netflix as they add one more name to the list of canceled shows. And this time, 1899 has to be the victim of their fickleness.

Netflix’s 1899 is a show from the makers of Dark, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Dark has been decorated with a few of the finest critical appreciations as it slowly became synonyms to perfection.  

This morning it was informed that Netflix will not be renewing 1899 for the pre-planned session 2 and session 3. And it took no time for the viewers to show their love and appreciation for the show.

The show is based on a group of people who are traveling together as it is set on a ship, Kerberos. The characters came from various parts of the world and all of them have dark pasts, pasts which scarred them mentally. The slow unraveling with time, as in the beginning, Maura Franklin might feel like the main character. But the story unravels slowly with time.

Now surely it didn’t reach the levels of Dark, slow-burning series such as 1899 needs some time to flourish. As per the cinematic aspect, it was stunning, and the cast was nothing but spellbinding. And a series that was created while keeping various sessions in mind, cancellation is a real injustice.

The amazing cast of 1899, Source- IndieWire

Hashtags like #renew1899 and #1899Netflix have been trending on Twitter as soon as Netflix canceled the show based on rumored budget issues. It’s been a familiar thing for the house of Netflix as the canceled shows such as Mindhunter, Daredevil, Marvel’s Luke Cage, Warrior Nun and Love. When platforms like Amazon prime, HBO and Disney+ are breathing down their neck, is this one step closer to the downfall? Time will tell.

Till then, Netflix….Wake Up

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