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Home » Did Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Lose its Charm?

Did Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Lose its Charm?

Did Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Lose its Charm?

Paul Rudd, whenever you observe his presence on screen, you expect entertainment. But is his presence enough to save the ship of Quantumania?

Quantumania kicked off phase 5 of MARVEL but surprisingly fails to create the magic. Now one important aspect of every Ant-Man movie is the comic relief.

Now, I am not against experiments, I am all for change and experiments. But in the case of Quantumania, it surely didn’t work. Besides Pym particles, Comedy is a crucial weapon of Ant-Man. 

In The first few minutes, there are a few dad jokes here and there but that is it. The light-hearted tone of Ant-Man made it special. Though Lang is consistent, as always, you can feel something is off. 

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Kang is supposed to be one of the most vicious characters in the MARVEL comic universe. And on paper, it feels like a great match. A goofball facing off against MARVEL’s new big threat. As Lang was running out of time, it will be right for him to go head to head against the man who controls it. 

As a character, neither Lang nor Kang disappoints. Majors has been nothing but phenomenal in his role, even Lang did her part. He brings emotions into the role, which Thanos lacked. 

It has the same problem as Doctor Strange 2, Ant-Man becomes the side character in his own movie. Also, the run time feels very short. If you are introducing us to Kang, he needs more time on screen. 

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It is a rare occurrence that MARVEL fails us in visuals but it is added to the list. The quantum realm has high potential but it looks more like stalk videos in most parts. 

The Quantumania won’t fail in the economic aspect, it has the luxury of being a MARVEL movie, but it doesn’t add anything interesting to the universe. Is this a must-watch? If you are a MARVEL fan and can’t afford to miss anything, then you need to watch this. And if you are a comic fan, or you are a seasonal viewer, you can happily skip it.

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