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Home » Ezra Miller May Continue as The Flash Amid DC Shake Up

Ezra Miller May Continue as The Flash Amid DC Shake Up

Ezra Miller May Continue as The Flash Amid DC Shake Up

As soon as James Gunn and Peter Sarfan took over the newly revived DC Studios, they made some big decisions. From firing the fan favorites and canceling some future movies, they have been everywhere. And letting Ezra Miller continue as The Flash made a percentage of fans quite upset.

According to Variety, A number of Warner Bros. Discovery employees are still wanting to work with Ezra Miller. Now it was heavily rumored that he will be replaced as The Flash. And the movie will have a reshoot after the actor allegedly assaulted people at a karaoke bar in Hawaii. This allegation was followed by numerous other allegations.

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Though the appearance of Dwayne Johnson brought hope in the minds of fans as he paved the way for the return of beloved Henry Cavill. But the hope of Superman VS Black Adam was soon obliterated as the takeover took place.

Along with Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson, actors like Bruce Wayne and Gal Godot had the same fate as they were stripped off their perspective roles.

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In the month of August, Miller apologized for their actions as they were struggling from complex mental issues. “Given that Miller has stayed out of trouble since begining mental health treatment in the summer, some executives are amenable to continue with the actor as the world saving Speedster after The Flash bows on 16th June“, said by an employee.

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Gunn and Safran began their jobs as Co-CEO’s of DC Studios last year and as a fan, it is safe to say that thenfuture looks bright. Upcoming movie, The Flash will reset the previous timeline. It was hard for the fans to cope up with the departure of Zack Snyder along with their favourite superheroes but we all can hope for a brighter future.

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