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Home » Is Chris Morocco Gay Or Married?

Is Chris Morocco Gay Or Married?

Is Chris Morocco Gay Or Married?

The famous American chef and YouTube personality, Chris Morocco, is the test kitchen director at Bon Appétit. Morocco has also appeared on the magazine’s YouTube channel as the host of the program Reverse Engineering. He is quite popular on his Instagram account, @moroccochris, with 421k followers. Let’s learn more about the chef’s personal life. This article discusses whether Chris Morocco gay or married.

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Is Chris Morocco Married?

Chris Morocco is happily married to a woman named Amber Bennett. The couple have been married since July, 2010. Amber is a senior consultant and design director by profession. She holds a fashion and design degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

There is very little information available about her.

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Chris Morocco Is Not Gay?

The rumor about Chris being gay has been spreading on social media for quite some time. But the truth is that he is not gay and he has a beautiful wife as his partner. Chris likes to keep his family away from the public. Thus, people began to speculate that he had a secret male lover.

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Chris Morocco Children

Morocco has two adorable sons with his better half, Amber. Their two sons are Alec Morocco and Finn Morocco.

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