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Home » M3GAN Takes The Box Office By Storm, Sets Up a Bar

M3GAN Takes The Box Office By Storm, Sets Up a Bar

M3GAN Takes The Box Office By Storm, Sets Up a Bar

‘Creepy doll movies’ have been a topic of fascination in the minds of the horror fans. From movies like Annabelle to Cult of Chucky, they are loved and adored by the fans. And now Model 3 Generative Android just updates this genre. Keeping the ‘Black Mirror’ vibes in the cinema, M3GAN had a great start in the box office. While Avatar 2 is still marching towards its glory, M3GAN aims to collect around $17 million to $20 million from the North American theaters in its opening. It’s production budget was around $12 million so we can count on a commercial success.

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It has been a tradition for major January Released movies to fail in the Box office but Megan can break that cycle.

M3GAN  is a life-like AI creation who is destined to be the ‘greatest’ companion of a child. Having stars like Allison Williams and Violet McGraw, this movie does lack a twist. 

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For the most part better, M3GAN lives up to its infamous pre-release hype. Gerard Johnstone was the right pick for the director, and Akela Cooper tries deeper storytelling explorations focused on modern electronic distractions. It is nothing but a modern classic which will be remembered for its execution.

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