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Home » Emily in Paris Season 3: 5 BEST moments from Lily Collins and Ashley Park’s show

Emily in Paris Season 3: 5 BEST moments from Lily Collins and Ashley Park’s show

Emily in Paris Season 3: 5 BEST moments from Lily Collins and Ashley Park's show

Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, is back with more drama and high fashion in the third season of Emily in Paris, which just debuted. The show’s second season ended on a cliffhanger when Collins’ character had to make a difficult career decision; the third season continued this theme while also returning to her tangled love life. Since the beginning of its first season, when the plot remained largely focused on Emily, Emily in Paris has advanced significantly.

The show’s supporting cast has grown throughout the second and third seasons, and it has been enjoyable to see Mindy’s (Ashley Park) narrative receive more attention. Here are some of the best moments from Season 3, which featured a number of amazing moments, including a hilarious Golden Girls callback and the inclusion of songs by Dua Lipa.

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What’s it all about Emily & Alfie?

After Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) moves back to London initially and then unexpectedly returns to Paris to work with Antoine Lambert (Collins), their relationship experiences a rough patch. Emily makes the decision to win back her love by pulling off an impromptu romantic gesture as she enters the stage to perform the song “What’s it all about Alfie.” Burt Bacharach and Hal David originally composed the song for the 1966 film Alfie. Collins spoke on the shooting scene in an interview. 

 “I was really excited to get the opportunity to do it. And I love music, but it’s always something I want to have that’s character-driven and makes sense for the character within the moments and is emotionally driven and charged, and this was a beautiful opportunity for Emily to step outside her comfort zone and for me to utilize all the nerves or excitement I could as Emily and give it for the moment and hopefully win Alfie over.”

Emily in Paris. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 310 of Emily in Paris.
Photo Credit: PINKVILLA

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The Homepage of Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga

Ashley Park paid tribute to Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga in the second season of the programme when her character Mindy Chen performed music like Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now and Lady Gaga’s Shallow. Speaking about enjoying singing on the show, Park spoke to Vogue last year and said, “My favorite thing to do is interpret songs that are well known and make them my own.” 

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Emily & Gabriel’s Star Restaurant Non-Date

While the third season had Camille (Camille Razat) and Alfie (Laviscount) as serious relationships for Gabriel (Bravo) and Emily’s (Lily Collins) characters, there is still some chemistry between the two. The two characters were shown on a “non-date” in Provence while dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in one of the Season 3 episodes, and the entire scene was enjoyable to watch.

The Non-Date Shot In Emily In Paris Season 3.
Photo Credit: PINKVILLA

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The Cliffhanger Ending With A Big Reveal

Gabriel later announced that Camille is pregnant to Emily in a private conversation after Camille departed the wedding site. Given that their feelings for each other still exist, the third season’s cliffhanger left both Emily and Gabriel unsure of what lies ahead for them. As she revealed to Gabriel that he was still in love with Emily in the major finale of the third season, Camille left their temporary marriage.. However, with Gabriel and Camille expecting a baby, things have only gotten more complicated.

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Golden Girls Shoutout

Nothing works better than citing the Golden Girls in any circumstance, and since Emily is an American attempting to make it in Paris, the show holds a special place in her heart. Cooper’s character responds with “Travel down the road and back again,” a line from the Golden Girls theme song, after Lucas Bravo’s Gabriel thanks Emily for helping him out when he was having a bad moment. The amusing sequence also highlights the cultural gap between the two as Gabriel is unable to comprehend her reply.

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