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Home » Akon defends Kanye’s recent comments on Hitler

Akon defends Kanye’s recent comments on Hitler

Akon defends Kanye's right to have his own opinions regarding the Nazis and Hitler

Rapper Kanye West recently went on an anti-Semitic rant where he praised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. While criticism surrounds Kanye West, the Senegalese-American pop-star Akon has defended Kanye’s praise of Hitler.

Akon Believes In Kanye’s Right To Speak His Mind

In an interview with Sky News this week, the singer stated that even if society is pissed off at Kanye West’s comments, Kanye retains the right to speak his mind. He later re-iterated that even though he doesn’t agree with Kanye’s comments on Hitler, he respects everyone’s right to have their own opinion. To Akon, the right to opinion should persist even if Kanye and him don’t agree.

Communication Is Key To Akon

Akon went on to highlight that in his eyes, communication is key. He suggests that instead of shutting down Kanye, he would indulge in a debate with him and put forward his own point of view. He believes that one ought to be not shut down “just because what he’s saying is objectionable to some.” He doesn’t want individuals to “close their minds” to others’ opinions. “You cannot get anywhere without communicating,” Akon further added.

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Ignorance Seeps Through?

When asked if Kanye’s “offensive comments” affected him, Akon responded by saying, “Not really, because those comments don’t really affect me personally.” He doesn’t condone offended individuals to lash out to such offensive comments. He stated, “don’t take things too personally until you understand the situation.”

Social media did not receive the comments made by the “Right Now” singer very well. Few suggested that Akon’s comments reeked of ignorance. They called out the singer’s comments about not finding the comments ‘offensive’ as it didn’t ‘affect him personally’, reeks of ignorance and a narrow mind-set.

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What Did Kanye Say?

Kanye recently appeared on the Infowars show, hosted by Alex Jones. The disgraced rapper praised Hitler. Additionally, he talked about the various things he loved about Hitler and the Nazis. Kanye went on to speak on how society should recognize the good in Hitler and the contributions he made to society. He stated how he is tired of classifications and doesn’t believe in the ‘evil’ tag deployed upon Nazis.
Later on, Kanye was banned from Twitter yet again for “inciting violence” by posting a picture of the Nazi symbol within the Star of David (a symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism).

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