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Home » Brad William Henke, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actor passes away, aged 56.

Brad William Henke, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actor passes away, aged 56.

Actor and former NFL star Brad William Henke passed away at the age of 56.

Brad William Henke’s manager Matt DelPiano broke the news that the veteran actor passed away on 29th November. Henke was only 56. Reason of death has not been publicly disclosed yet.

Manager Matt DelPiano paid his respects to Henke in an Instagram post. “Brad Henke was an incredibly kind man of joyous energy. A very talented actor, he loved being a part of this community….and we loved him back. Our thoughts are with his wife and family,” he wrote.
Henke’s agent, Sheree Cohen disclosed to CNN that Henke “died peacefully in his sleep.” Fans soon-after paid their respects to the late actor.

A Familiar and Adored Face In The World Of Entertainment

Over the course of time, Henke appeared in over 40 films. He became a veteran actor with memorable roles in various television series like ‘Going to California‘. Henke made guest appearances on ‘The Office‘, ‘The Bridge‘, ‘Law & Order‘, and countless other shows. Henke didn’t limit his talent to the world of television. He successfully made it to Hollywood and appeared on films such as ‘Split’, ‘Choke‘ and ‘Space Jam‘.

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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Brought Fame To Henke

He was a familiar face in hit television shows such as ‘Lost‘ and ‘Dexter‘. But it was Netflix’s ‘Orange Is The New Black’ that gained the veteran actor mass recognition and critical appraisal. Here, he played the main antagonist and the role of gay corrections officer, Desi Piscatella. Henke’s performance would earn him a SAG Award for ‘Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

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From Professional Football To Actor

Brad Henke probably didn’t predict his acting career to unfold as it did. Henke’s first love lied with football and the National Football League. He played in Superbowl XXIV on behalf of the Denver Broncos. He was initially drafted into the National Football League in 1989, by the New York Giants. Repeated injuries brought an abrupt halt to his football aspirations. He was left with no choice but to retire from the NFL in 1994.

It was then that Brad William Henke decided to write his own script and turned to acting and never looked back again.

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