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Home » Matthew Macfadyen Birthday: A look at the actor’s BEST moments as Tom Wambsgans on Succession

Matthew Macfadyen Birthday: A look at the actor’s BEST moments as Tom Wambsgans on Succession

Matthew Macfadyen Birthday: A look at the actor's BEST moments as Tom Wambsgans on Succession

Succession main writing and casting are what give it its own magic. The HBO series has grown to be one of the most popular dramas and continues to receive well-deserved praise. The Logan family is the focus of Jesse Armstrong’s creation, which also has a number of other delicious characters. Mainly including Tom Wambsgans, played by Matthew Macfadyen. The actor who previously portrayed Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth’s suitor in Pride and Prejudice, is far from the romantic lead.

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Succession Character 

While every character in Succession seems warped, Tom Wambsgans is maybe the one who is generating the most conflicting opinions. There are many ways to view Wambsgans, thus there are times when you feel utter sympathy for him. And many times when he makes you feel utter disdain. No matter what, you are captivated to the character by Macfadyen’s performance’s beauty. Despite the fact that Matthew is not even substantially similar to Wambsgans. Even he plays Tom with such assurance that it is difficult to tell him apart from the character. 

We examine the actor’s most memorable appearances on the programme to mark his 48th birthday.

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Succession “Bottle Throwing” 

Every Succession episode would be completed without the peculiar conversations between Macfadyen’s Tom Wambsgans and Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun). The scene where Tom loses his cool and throws water bottles at Greg after hearing the latter’s remark about having a “open business connection” is one of the most endearing between the two and also the one that shows how far Matthew will go to provide a great scene. Tom immediately responds to Greg’s suggestion that he transfer to another department, almost as if his wife Shiv Roy’s (Sarah Snook) remarks about an open marriage are haunting him in a professional setting.

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The Bachelors Party

Before his marriage to Shiv (Snook) in season one episode eight, Tom prepares a bachelor party, which Shiv’s brother Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) takes over by taking Greg (Braun), Tom, and their other friends to an upscale rave. There isn’t a craving at this party that won’t be satisfied, but for Wambsgans, who enters the chaotic arena wearing a suit, it’s too thrilling a challenge to pass up. Not to mention that, despite Shiv’s perceptions, Tom loves her and doesn’t support the notion of cheating on her.

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Succession Congress Segment 

Tom is called before Congress in the second season to testify regarding the Waystar Royco cruise scam. The English actor Macfadyen told Vanity Fair that he watched a lot of CNN and MSNBC while preparing for the pivotal scene. He also watched the famous C-SPAN segments of Michael Cohen’s testimony about Donald Trump before the House Oversight and Reform Committee. The Roys put Macfadyen in the middle of the dispute where he is asked to defend Uncle Mo, whose real name is Lester but who is more commonly known as Mo-Lester, and Macfadyen totally nails it.

The sequence shows Matthew at his very best as he convincingly and authentically portrays Tom’s anxiety, discomfort, and stammering. A Waystar employee asks Shiv in the scenario, “What’s it like to have a husband with two a*******s?” s a result of Tom’s terrible performance in front of the Congress.

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