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Home » Sidney Twitter Review: Netizens laud Oprah for producing the ideal Sidney Poitier documentary

Sidney Twitter Review: Netizens laud Oprah for producing the ideal Sidney Poitier documentary

Sidney Twitter Review: Netizens laud Oprah for producing the ideal Sidney Poitier documentary

Reginald Hudlin’s documentary for Apple TV+ is brilliant because it enables him to accomplish precisely that, Sidney Poitier, a remarkably talented storyteller who passed away in January 2022 at the age of 94, begins “Sidney” by stating, “I was not expected to live.”

We all know that Sidney Poitier, whose life was on the verge of ending when he was born two months early, did live, and lived exceedingly well, changing the path of countless other lives through his ground-breaking Hollywood career.

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Accordingly when Oprah Winfrey decided to take on the challenge of making a moving and honourable documentary about the famous actor and activist Sidney Poitier, expectations were high. The documentary’s release was eagerly anticipated by the public, and judging by Friday’s official debut, Oprah did not disappoint. Reginald Hudlin donned the director’s hat with the chat show presenter for the crucial and necessary film.

Despite being discussed, Poitier’s legacy has rarely been honoured in this way with a powerful and enlightening documentary. Generally, In addition to being a well-known actor and director, he was a key figure in both Hollywood and the American Civil Rights Movement. Through open conversations with Lenny Kravitz, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Robert Redford, Spike Lee, Barbra Streisand, and many more, the documentary explores Poitier’s life and achievements. The movie is also being produced by Derik Murray, who works closely with the Poitier family, in addition to Oprah.

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Regarding Twitter, the movie was outstanding. Finally, the crowd was filled with applause for the producer and director after watching the touching tribute to the great in the form of a well-done documentary about his significance as both an artist and an activist. The entire audience came together to thank and appreciate the documentary’s production team. Many people expressed on the internet how the nearly two-hour documentary had given them newfound information. 

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Check out Twitter Reactions to Oprah Winfrey’s Sidney Poitier

Scroll down to see how Twitter users responded to the movie.

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