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Trevor Noah bids an emotional goodbye to The Daily Show

Trevor Noah had a final heart-to-heart conversation with his audience.

Trevor Noah initially joined The Daily Show as one of the contributors. Eight years later, he’s leaving The Daily Show as one of the most likeable and entertaining late-night television show hosts who put The Daily Show back on the map.

Grateful To The Audience

Trevor Noah had one last monologue with his audience, and it was an emotionally provocative one. Noah made sure to thank each and every audience member over the years as he recalled the time when The Daily Show struggled to fill up seats. He proceeded to thank each individual who watched the show from home or even shared clips of the show. Till date, the comedian never takes each filled seat for granted. He made sure to let the audience know exactly how grateful he is for their tireless support.

Appreciation For Black Women All Around

The South-Africa born comedian made sure to give his due recognition and thanks to Black women. Especially, the Black women in his life who have shaped and nurtured him over the years to make him what he is today. “A special shout out to black women. I have often been credited with having these grand ideas. Who do you think teaches me? Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me, informed me? From my mom, my grandma, my aunt,” Noah exclaimed.

A teary-eyed Noah advised his audience that if they truly wanted to learn about America, they should talk to Black women. He believes that Black people, be it in America, Brazil or South Africa truly understand “how hard it is when things go bad.” The Daily Show host stated, “When things go bad, black people know it gets worse for them. But black people in particular, they know what shit is, genuinely.”

Noah would go on to highlight the various black women, be it scholars or authors online who took the time to educate him and argue with him over the years. All of these interactions with them nurtured him over the years. He additionally praised Black women leaders such as Roxane Gay, Tarana Burke, Tressie McMillan Cottom and Zoé Samudzi. He simply termed them as ‘brilliant’.

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Looking Back And Moving Forward

The Daily Show has not announced the replacement of Trevor Noah as of yet. Noah became the host of the show within a year of joining as a contributor.

The 38-year-old is set to return to the stand-up comedy stage. The stage where he first encountered fame. In November, Noah also released a comedy special on Netflix named, I Wish You Would.

This brings close to Trevor Noah’s memorable and enjoyable tenure at The Daily Show. It’s tough to sum up his performance over the years in a few words. Not only did he make us laugh but amplified the voice of the marginalized, fought for what’s right and helped communities around the globe in their battle against COVID-19, food insecurity and natural calamities.

As stand-up comedian and former Daily Show colleague Hasan Minhaj stated it best – “7 amazing years. You did it your way, and you made The Daily Show your own.”

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