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Home » Tiger King Joe Exotic wants Biden to free him from prison after Brittney Griner

Tiger King Joe Exotic wants Biden to free him from prison after Brittney Griner

Tiger King Joe Exotic demands to be freed from prison

Tiger King Joe Exotic is in the news again. This time he believes that it’s time for him to be pardoned from jail.

An Opportunistic Attempt After Brittney Griner Was Freed

President Joe Biden recently indulged in a prisoner swap with Vladmir Putin’s Russia. In order to get WNBA player and two-time Olympic gold winner Brittney Griner to be released from Russian prison, the U.S agreed on a prisoner swap. Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout nicknamed The Merchant of Death, was consequently released from American prison. The prisoner exchange took place at an airport in the UAE.

The Tiger King Believes He’s Been Wrongfully Detained

This prison exchange provoked a reaction from the Tiger King Joe Exotic himself. The Netflix docuseries Tiger King based upon Exotic’s life and his Oklahoma cat park. The show ushered in fame in abundance for Exotic. In an audio obtained by TMZ, Joe Exotic speaks against the American federal prison system. Exotic can be heard saying, “The whole Brittney Griner and Trevor Reed prisoner swap is a slap in every American’s face that is wrongfully detained in the American Federal Prison System, including myself.

He longs to re-unite with loved ones before Christmas. “A dangerous man was released for Brittney Griner to be free. It’s time Joe Exotic gets to go home for Christmas to be home with [boyfriend] Seth and his son for the first time in 5 Christmases,” Exotic further added. In addition to his plea to Biden to get released, the Tiger King maintained his innocence. To no one’s surprise, Joe Exotic also took a few provoking shots at his nemesis Carole Baskin.

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Joe Exotic’s Arguments Fall Flat

The Tiger King is arguably out of touch with reality over here. The circumstances between his case and Griner’s case are vastly different.
Griner was arrested in Russia when cannabis oil was found in her luggage at the Moscow Airport. She was given a prison sentence of nine years. She was arguably used as fodder for political leverage.

Tiger King Joe Exotic meanwhile, is in prison on charges of attempted murder for hiring a hitman to take out his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin. Furthermore, he faces 17 charges of animal abuse for abusing, killing and selling tigers. He is presently serving a 21 year-long prison sentence.

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Not The First Time, Certainly Not The Last

This wasn’t the first time Exotic tried his luck convincing a U.S. President. Joe Exotic and his group of supporters previously argued their case to former U.S President Donald Trump to grant him presidential pardon. They even submitted a 257-page long document to the U.S. Department of Justice to support their argument. The Tiger King pushed for a pardon as he also believed that he was suffering from prostate cancer in prison. A limousine was even waiting outside prison facilities for Exotic to come home. The pardon was never granted.

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