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End of Jason Momoa as Aquaman hints at Death of the Synderverse

Jason Momoa might not be Aquman after the release of Aquaman sequel.

Shockwaves were felt through the DC Universe with news of a major DC shakeup. One news that no one expected was that of Jason Momoa no longer playing the role of Aquaman.

DC Films Are Long Overdue For A Change

DC Superhero films have received mixed audience reactions over the years. There’s no denying that majority of the reaction was negative. The DC has definitely released brilliant films such as Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill and Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. The same cannot be said for the rest of DC films. Under par visual-effects, lack of direction, weakly developed characters and baseless storylines have been some of the common complaints. Hence, James Gunn and Peter Safran have taken matters into their own hands. The duo plan to revamp the DCU by formulating a new multi-year plan. This plan inhibits some major changed.

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Jason Momoa No Longer Aquaman

One of the major developments of the new multiyear plan for the DCU moving forward revolves around Jason Momoa. The 43-year-old is tipped to lose his role as the beloved superhero Aquaman after the Aquaman sequel releases in 2023. This change is sought of bring an official end to the director Zack Synder’s Snyderverse.

But this doesn’t mean that we won’t see Jason Momoa any longer in the DCU. It is a very real possibility that the Games of Thrones actor dons the anti-hero Lobo in the DC. James Gunn couldn’t go into details about his plans for the future of the DCU. But the director of The Suicide Squad confirmed that some aspects of the reports about Momoa were “half true”.

This wouldn’t be the first-time actors have played the role of more than one superhero over the span of a few years. Ryan Reynolds previously played Green Lantern before becoming Deadpool. Chris Evans even played the Human Torch before becoming the iconic Captain America.

Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom is set to hit theatres on Christmas Day in 2023.

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Major Movies Scrapped?

Sources informed The Hollywood Reporter that Wonder Woman 3did not fit into the plans” of the revamped DCU. Additionally, the future of Man of Steel 2 remans uncertain as a new era of DCU is on the brinks. It is curtains for the Snyderverse.
Additionally, the reported cameos of Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa in the controversy ridden Flash film next year seems more unlikely.

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