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Home » MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos ex-wife, seeks for divorce from her second husband

MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos ex-wife, seeks for divorce from her second husband

MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos ex-wife, seeks for divorce from her second husband

The millionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott and her husband, former science teacher Dan Jewett, are divorcing less than two years after announcing their desire to donate a sizable fortune together.

After divorcing the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, in 2019, MacKenzie Scott wed Jewett, a former science teacher living in Seattle, in the early years of 2021.

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MacKenzie Scott rose to become one of the richest women in the world following her 2019 divorce from Jeff Bezos, whom she had been married to for 25 years. Above is a photo of them together from 2017.

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The Official Reports

According to the New York Times, MacKenzie Scott, who recently erased all references to her spouse from web pages explaining her charitable endeavours, filed for divorce in Washington State on Monday. The split comes at the conclusion of a busy time for Ms. Scott, who in less than four years divorced Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, gave more than $12 billion to charities, and married a teacher at the elite school her kids attend.

A property divide will be “written out in a separation contract” that Scott and Jewett agree to, the petition claims. The contract is private. According to court documents, Jewett did not dispute the divorce.

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The multi billionaire philanthropist has not provided a justification for the decision, and her divorce lawyer has declined to comment.

The New York Times broke the news of her second divorce on Wednesday after noticing that Scott had removed several of her online posts about Jewett, including those on her Amazon author page and the Giving Pledge website, which encourages the world’s wealthiest individuals to donate the majority of their wealth to charitable causes.

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MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett in 2021

Through a post on their Giving Pledge webpage in 2021, the pair made their engagement official. Jewett agreed to Scott’s demand that she donate at least half of her riches either immediately upon her passing or during her lifetime.

After Ms. Scott’s divorce from the richest man in the world, their marriage, which attracted a lot of media attention, had also been a philanthropic one, with Mr. Jewett openly committed to join her in contributing their considerable fortune to charitable organisations.

Jewett wrote and included a picture of himself and Scott, “I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know — and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others,” 

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Jewett’s name edited out from all Pages

Additionally, Jewett’s name has suddenly been removed from a Medium piece that Scott authored on their charitable endeavours last year and which broke the news of the subtle changes.

Photo Credit: The Giving Pledge Webpage
(The profile is updated with MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett on the page last week.)
Photo Credit: The Giving Pledge Webpage
(The profile is of Wednesday with only MacKenzie Scott on the page.)

Even though Scott is renowned as one of the world’s most giving philanthropists, she keeps a low public profile and tweets or posts on Medium just occasionally to promote philanthropic causes.

MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett Life:

Dan Jewett, 47, and Scott, 52, are seldom ever seen together, and last year, Jewett quietly quit his position as a teacher at a Washington-area private high school, claiming he did not want to be a distraction there.

Scott and Jewett appear to be hiking together in the image of them that was originally posted on the Giving Pledge website.

Photo Credit: The Giving Pledge Webpage
The only publicly accessible picture of Scott and Jewett is the one that was previously featured on the Giving Pledge website and appears to show them out hiking together.

MacKenzie Scott’s Net Worth

Scott has a $27.8 billion market value at the moment, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index. Her 3% ownership in Amazon is the main source of her riches.

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MacKenzie Scott’s Donations

Over the past two years, Mackenzie Scott has contributed nearly $12 billion.

Among her most recent donations are:

California Community Foundation: $55 million properties

Spelman College, the historically Black, all-women’s school: $20 million

Boys & Girls Club of America: $281 million

Communities in Schools: $133.5 million

National 4-H Youth Council: $50 million 

Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity: $25 million

Meharry Medical College: $20 million

Guttmacher Institute: $15 million

Jed Foundation: $15 million 

Leading Educators: $10 million

The National Council on Aging: $8 million 

Shatterproof: $5 million

Young People in Recovery: $3 million

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