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Home » Breaking! Shakira issues INTENSE statement on £12 million amid tax fraud case

Breaking! Shakira issues INTENSE statement on £12 million amid tax fraud case

Breaking! Shakira issues INTENSE statement on £12 million amid tax fraud case

Shakira launched a scathing attack on the Spanish tax authorities, in advance of the fraud trial in which she might receive an eight-year prison sentence.

Four months after learning that Spanish state prosecutors would pursue the severe punishment if she were found guilty of an alleged £12 million tax fraud. The 45-year-old singer-songwriter unleashed a surprise onslaught. The trial at a Barcelona court has not yet been scheduled for a date.

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What’s Shakira Legal Official Statement 

“With no solid evidence to support the charges against her, she has been fiercely persecuted in the criminal and media spheres using unacceptable methods to damage her reputation and force her to come to a settlement agreement.”

Shakira is a taxpayer who has always shown impeccable tax conduct and has never had tax problems in any other jurisdiction,” the statement read.

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What’s Shakira Filed In Defense 

Despite beginning to date her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique five years earlier, Shakira, a former tax resident of the Bahamas. She only registered as a full-time tax resident in Spain in 2015.

Shakira filed court papers in her defense the following day. Shakira argues that since she did not live in the nation continuously from 2012 to 2014, she is free from paying income taxes. She would be subject to taxation in Spain if she stayed there for 183 days or more in a calendar year.

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How The Singer ‘Persecuted’ By Spanish Treasury

Shakira claimed in a statement released on Friday, November 25, that she has been “persecuted” and that the Spanish Treasury has used “inappropriate measures” to harm her name and force her to reach a deal. The Colombian artist’s spokesperson also stated that she believed the nation’s tax authorities were accusing her of lying about her residence outside of Spain for the years she had been charged with tax fraud.

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Where Shakira Spent Her Years 

Spanish tax authorities decided that Shakira spent 242 days in Spain in 2012. 212 days in 2013, and 243 days in 2014 after following her for a year. Apparently visiting her favourite Barcelona hair salons and using her active social media accounts. Following this judgement, Shakira was charged with six charges of tax fraud for the years 2012 through 2014.

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How Much Paid In Business Centre

Without having a business centre in this nation where she has never made a sizable revenue. “Shakira has already paid more than 90 million euros for her overseas assets and money that has not been created in Spain.”

She has been vigorously pursued in the criminal and media sectors using inappropriate tactics to harm her reputation. The pressure on her to reach a settlement deal, despite the absence of strong proof to back the accusations made against her.

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Shakira has stated that she has no intention of making a deal with the Spanish tax authorities. And is ready to go to trial to prove her innocence instead, “Shakira continues to maintain her firm will to comply with all of her tax obligations in Spain, as well as in all of the countries where she has resided or performed during her long professional career.”

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