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Home » ‘Dream’ a popular YouTuber reveals his name and face for the first time

‘Dream’ a popular YouTuber reveals his name and face for the first time

'Dream' a popular YouTuber reveals his name and face for the first time

Dream, a YouTube sensation known for his popular Minecraft videos, has now seen his face. The YouTuber had long concealed his face with a happy face. Therefore, in the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday night, the creator muses over various approaches of showing his face. Before exposing who he is, he first sits with his back to the camera, disappears behind a green screen, and briefly dozes off while wearing a blanket.

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The video posted on YouTube on Sunday night features the creator (Dream) contemplating different ways to unveil his face.

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About Dream

Dream, a 23-year-old content producer with more than 30 million subscribers, has only ever appeared in public wearing a supple, cheery face mask in an egg colour.

Gamers have been familiar with Dream for a while, but they were ignorant of his physical appearance. Minecraft is the main subject of “Dream,” and on October 2 he made his face apparent via a YouTube live stream.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream disclosed his identity after years of posting under an alias because there had been “a little bit too much” rumour about him.

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Dream In Live Stream

Dream also explained the rationale behind the facial reveal in the same video. The YouTube sensation claimed that he was ready to reconnect with an old pal after a long absence. 

“My name is Clay, otherwise known as Dream online, maybe you’ve heard of me, maybe not. Maybe you clicked on this video out of pure curiosity and you don’t care who I am and you’ve seen my face,” he said while introducing himself to his online fan base. 

Friend Of Dream

The concerned friend wants to record a video of him meeting Dream, and the YouTuber also wants to start acting more publicly and start doing things. He will interact with other internet entrepreneurs as a result. He simply wants to “go out there and be a real creative person.”

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Views On YouTube

Over 16 million people watched the face reveal video in less than 12 hours after it was posted.

According to a report by the BBC, Dream’s most successful videos have tens of millions of views, with one of them having been viewed more than 115 million times. Minecraft is also the best-selling video game in the world.

YouTube Of Dream

1.2 million people tuned in live, and 14 hours later, the video got more than 18 million views, according to Forbes. To put it lightly, the fact that Dream revealed his identity was a significant issue for both his neighbourhood and Minecraft as a whole. The dream has 30.4 million YouTube subscribers, 5.6 million Twitter followers, and 3.1 million Instagram followers. 

For comparison, Ninja in Fortnite has 23.8 million users. 4.1 million people follow Dr Disrespect. 47.5 million people follow Taylor Swift. The dream is significant.

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Dream Confessed In End

He went on to add that he was being pressured by those who were interested in his appearance. “People have been attempting to reveal my face in an effort to learn how I seem. There are too many, there are too many, “he said.

Reactions Of People

People have been really cruel about Dream’s face reveal. Check out the reactions.

What’s your Reaction on his Face Revealing?

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