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Home » Kate Winslet Reveals difference what she finds in James Cameron from Titanic to Avatar

Kate Winslet Reveals difference what she finds in James Cameron from Titanic to Avatar

Kate Winslet Reveals difference what she finds in James Cameron from Titanic to Avatar

Avatar: The Way of Water, the largest release of 2022, has finally arrived, and audiences everywhere are ecstatic! James Cameron returns us back to the breathtaking landscapes of Pandora in the eagerly awaited sequel, 13 years after Avatar broke box office records as the most successful movie ever. Along with Kate Winslet as Rona, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, who previously played Jake Sully and Neytiri, respectively, return for this blue-themed adventure.

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What’s Kate Winslet Made It On Air

During an interview, Kate Winslet questioned about her much anticipated reunion with James Cameron during a roundtable discussion. For those who don’t know, Kate featured in James’ 1997 blockbuster Titanic alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, propelling her to prominence. Winslet is now a part of the Avatar sequel, 25 years later.

"I think there are probably lots of differences in both of us. I mean, we are... even though it's 25 years since it [Titanic] was released, it's actually 27 years since we were filming it. And that's a very long time. That's over half of my lifetime. So, huge things have changed. I've become a parent. Jim's become a parent again, since then." 

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People Made Fun Of Age According To Kate

People frequently lament the passing of the Hollywood legend era, yet James Cameron always manages to embody the mythological in everything he does. Whereas other movie moguls possessed fleets of opulent automobiles, Cameron possessed not only automobiles but also helicopters and even submarines, which he personally developed and descended to the ocean floor. Along with the militaristic equipment, a reputation has developed about Cameron as a terrifying, tough-talking army general who controls and organises his workers on set to the point where they once created T-shirts that read: “You can’t scare me, I work for James Cameron.”

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Definitely people are looking forward to seeing Kate Winslet return to James Cameron’s visually stunning movie universe!

What do you think of Kate Winslet’s upcoming role in Avatar: The Way of Water? In the comments area below, let FactsTalky know how excited you are.

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